These pages are intended to be an online companion to And It Was Good, a teacher resource for teaching science with a Christian worldview. These sites align with and expand upon the sample lessons in And It Was Good, and they are intended to help educators stay current and provide additional learning opportunities in the rapidly changing world of science. Although not specifically Christian in perspective, these sites include information and activities that can work in the Christian school classroom and that align with national standards.

Christian Schools International anticipates that these websites will be helpful tools in teaching science with a Christian worldview. That said, there may be parts of a given site that conflict with your school’s science education standards/beliefs. Not everything on these sites will be equally helpful in a given teaching situation; therefore we strongly encourage instructors to carefully review the materials before presenting them to their students. Each link is paired with potential Throughlines to help instructors present the material through the view of Christian discipleship attributes that can help students build a transformational worldview.

In addition, this site allows teachers to rate/review the sites and to offer additional suggestions. We welcome your feedback so that this online resource will be increasingly valuable to Christian school teachers.

Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards serve to realign education to meet current and future needs of students and society. The authors of the standards intend to promote enjoyment of the world and to help all people to be scientifically literate—goals that are remarkably cohesive with our responsibilities and opportunities as caretakers of creation.

The Next Generation Science Standards identify clear outcomes of lessons, or performance expectations, for each standard. Each lesson describes concepts that students should be able to do rather than an assessment in which students “know” or “understand.” The performance expectations additionally organize the standards through connecting performance tasks of all grade levels as parts of a larger storyline, an overview of the larger scientific themes within each area of science. These storylines were used in this project in order to coordinate the lessons and activities in this resource; for curriculum directors and teachers alike, these storylines help to maintain grade-level appropriateness both in content and in context for lessons.

Teaching for Transformation Throughlines

Christian Schools International used the Teaching for Transformation model and Throughlines for this resource to ensure that teachers and students understand that God is already working in and through his creation of science—that science can and should be part of God’s kingdom-building and that it can be further used to see God’s work.

Throughlines are “big picture” ideas around which we can organize curriculum. They are qualities/attributes that we desire students to develop as God is revealed to them. They are discipleship concepts that guide our living. Throughlines weave the big ideas into a transformational worldview.

We want students to recognize God’s story in science with the Throughlines: creation-enjoyers, image-reflectors, order-discovers, community-builders, and God-worshipers. We want students to live the story, to use science to fulfill their biblical calling of being justice-seekers, servant-workers, idolatry-discerners, beauty-creators, and Earth-keepers.
For more information on Throughlines, contact the Prairie Centre for Christian Education at office@pcce.ca or 780.465.8384.