NGSS Storylines

In order to organize each of the standards, the Next Generation Science Standards identify clear outcomes of lessons, or performance expectations, for each standard. The performance expectations additionally organize the standards through connecting performance tasks of all grade levels as parts of a larger storyline, an overview of the larger scientific themes within each area of science. These storylines were used in this project in order to coordinate the lessons and activities in this resource.

Chemical Reactions (MS Physical)

Earth’s Systems (Grade 5, MS Earth)

Earth’s Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth (Grade 2, Grade 4)

Energy (Grade 4, MS Physical)

Engineering Design (K–2, 3–5, MS)

Forces and Interactions (Grade 3, MS Physical)

Forces and Interactions: Pushes and Pulls (Grade K)

Growth, Development, and Reproduction of Organisms (MS Life)

History of Earth (MS Earth)

Human Impacts (MS Earth)

Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Life Cycles and Traits (Grade 3)

Interdependent Relationships and Ecosystems (Grade 2, Grade 3, MS Life)

Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Animals, Plants, and Their Environment (Grade K)

Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems (Grade 5, MS Life)

Natural Selection and Adaptations (MS Life)

Space Systems (MS Earth)

Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles (Grade 1)

Space Systems: Stars and the Solar System (Grade 5)

Structure, Function, and Information Processing (Grade 1, Grade 4, MS Life)

Structure and Properties of Matter (Grade 2, Grade 5, MS Physical)

Weather and Climate (Grade K, Grade 3, MS Earth)

Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation (MS Physical)

Waves: Light and Sound (Grade 1)

Waves: Waves and Information (Grade 4)